Inspiration for the Day

February 7th, 2011

When every situation which life can offer is turned to the profit of spiritual growth, no situation can really be a bad one.
– Paul Brunton

Chinese New Year Today!

February 3rd, 2011

Today is the Chinese New Year, or lunar new year. Just like our January 1st celebration, the Chinese New Year is marked with large and long-lasting celebrations. Because the year is determined by the moon and sun’s phases, the Chinese New Year falls on a different day within our Gregorian calendar every year. This year, it falls on February 3rd, today!

In addition, each year in the Chinese calendar corresponds to an animal in the zodiac. The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals; the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. This year is the the year of the Rabbit.

Children born under an animal sign will often exhibit similar personality traits, both good and bad. Children born in the year of the rabbit are said to be:
Gracious, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, and cautious. But they can also be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic,and stubborn.


There will be two major Chinese New Year celebrations in Portland this weekend.

1) Chinese New Year at Chinatown Gate, NW 4th & Burnside, Saturday, February 5th, 10-11am, free admission, all ages

This block-party of sorts will include a lion drance, costume contests and hot beverages!

2) “Chinese New Year Cultural Fair,” Oregon Convention Center (777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd.), Saturday, February 5th, 10am-6pm, $6 (free admission for kids under 6)

Here you will see stage performances from local dance groups, lion and dragon dances, food, booths and more! You do have to pay a small admission fee, but I think it is going to be fun!

Beginner’s Tai Chi tonight!

February 2nd, 2011

Beginner’s Tai Chi at Yoga Pilates NE begins tonight, 6pm!

Jane Golden’s Tai Chi Camp

January 24th, 2011

This week I am getting ready to head off to my Tai Chi camp. Yes, we teachers need to take classes too! Jane Golden’s Tai Chi camp is a weekend retreat in the California redwoods. Jane teaches the Yang Style long form as well as sword and fan. Her workshops always vary and I encourage everyone to go!

I will be all geared up and ready to go for teaching Beginner’s Tai Chi when I return!

Inspiration for the Day

January 11th, 2011
Dear Students:
I saw these inspiring words and wanted to share them with you.
Just as parents care for their children, you should bear in mind the whole universe.
-Zen Master Dogen

Tai Chi For Beginners Poster

January 9th, 2011

The talented Christie Burns has created our first advertising poster for the Tai Chi for Beginners class beginning Feb. 1st! It’s time to sign up!


Beginner’s Class Scheduled!

December 20th, 2010

My new beginner’s class at Its About Me Fitness Center has finally been scheduled!

Classes will begin on February 1st. We will meet Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:00pm for 8-weeks.

In this class we will learn the first section of the Long Form. We will also learn Tiger Mountain Tai Chi Kung, an exercise that embodies the principles of Tai Chi and which will serve as a warm-up to the form. This class will focus on creating a strong foundation to build on in later classes.